Internet News Group

There is a quick and easy way to receive late-breaking Winnona Park news and announcements from your neighbors and WPNA officers on your home computer. All you need is Internet access and a free Yahoo! account.


This group is dedicated to news, announcements, bulletins or immediate concerns that are of specific interest to the Winnona Park neighborhood. It is intended to be a place to share information, not a place to debate issues. It is moderated by WPNA officers who review all entries in order to filter messages that do not meet this description. If approved, messages are usually posted within a day. 

Typical postings are about crime and safety alerts, community events, school issues, lost pet concerns, work-wanted ads from local youth or endorsements for services. Access is restricted to group members only and only the moderators can view the group directory that lists its members. There are currently more than 400 users registered in this group.


This group is intended to be an open forum for both announcements and opinions. The primary difference in this group and the one above is that it is not moderated; therefore, it is an open forum for discussion, debate, announcements of a more general nature, and anything users care to send there, including spam. The opinions and announcements are NOT screened by WPNA moderators and do not reflect the views, values, attitudes or philosophy of the WP Neighborhood Association. That said, the organization feels it is important to have an uncensored place where all points-of-view can be heard, all questions asked, and all issues raised and debated that are of concern to Winnona Park, Decatur and Greater Atlanta. Because these messages are not screened, they are immediately posted to the group, an important feature in cases where timeliness is important to the sender.

How to Join

You must open a free Yahoo ID account to join either of the groups (little or no personal information is required). Go to Click on the "Help" link in the top right corner for information on how to sign-in or register.

Once you have established a username and password for your Yahoo ID account, type in the web addresses listed above to see the group page. Look for the "Join this Group!" link at the far right side. This will take you to another registration page. 

You can specify how you would like to view your newsgroup. Some people prefer to receive every message the moment it is posted; others prefer to get a "digest" of all the day's messages sent in one message to their e-mail. You also may join and only view messages online occasionally, opting not to receive e-mail. 

Be sure to make a note of your username and password in case you ever want to change your preferences. Once you join, you will receive notification via e-mail that you are a member of the group. From then on, the news will come to you and you'll have permission to submit your messages.

How to Post a Message

Please click HERE for information on how to post messages to either group.